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We offer fully funded events for businesses wanting to grow, so you'll never pay a penny for any of our webinars or in-person workshops. Get advice on a wide range of topics from funding to marketing and HR to decarbonisation.​

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People At A Laptop 300
  • Digital skills

08 November 2024

Improving Your E-E-A-T To Rank Better in Google

Learn how Google uses links to calculate the “authority” of pages, the kind of content you should have on your site and other external factors you can influence like customer reviews and references to your business

SN WMCA SEPT 2023 86
  • Sales

12 November 2024

Elevate Your Sales Pitch

Learn to build and create engaging and impactful sales presentations that captivate your audience and drive conversions

  • HR

13 November 2024

Enhancing Employee Growth and Performance

Enhance employee well-being and help your workforce adapt to change. Essential strategies and tools for SME employers

Woman making a video using a mobile
  • Marketing
  • Social Media

20 November 2024

Social Media Essentials: LinkedIn

In this session, we'll break down the key features of LinkedIn and show you how to make the most of them for your business

BGWM Sales Picture For Website
  • Sales

26 November 2024

Essentials of Sales Negotiating

This dynamic webinar will unlock the art of sales negotiation techniques, for navigating tough conversations, handling objections, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes

06 02 Website Event Digital Speaker 1000X667px (1)
  • Digital skills

28 November 2024

Pay Per Click Advertising With Google

A thorough look at how Google’s advertising system works, the best options for your type of business and the key things to watch out for when managing your live ad campaigns

Email Marketing 800X500
  • Digital skills

04 December 2024

Building your email marketing list [NEW]

Learn the art of email list building to boost your reach and connect with more potential customers. Discover strategies, incentives, and legal tips.

Unlocking Growth Business Support Opportunities For Black Smes In The West Midlands
  • HR

05 December 2024

Leadership Development: Nurturing Effective Leaders in SMEs

Learn how to build high-performing teams, improve communication, make strategic decisions, and foster innovation

SN WMCA SEPT 2023 86