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BGWM in Dudley and Investment Readiness unite for brilliant Boosting Business Resilience event

Published: 19 March 2024

In a proactive move to bolster the economic foundation of the West Midlands, Business Growth West Midlands in Dudley, alongside the BGWM Investment Readiness Programme (Access to Finance), recently orchestrated a Boosting Business Resilience workshop.
Hosted at the Black Country Innovative Manufacturing Organisation, this gathering brought together an enthusiastic cohort of SME business leaders from across the West Midlands all keen to discuss robust strategies to navigate the murky waters of today's economic uncertainties. 

From delayed payments and spiralling costs to the volatility of the markets, the challenges are many, but so is the resolve to counter them. At the heart of the event was an unwavering focus on resilience, a quality now deemed indispensable for business survival and growth.
The turnout was nothing short of remarkable, with the air buzzing with dynamic exchanges and solutions for businesses to include in their strategy going forward.

“The team are very switched on and very approachable.”

Discussions veered into the territory of mounting business rates and the consequent need to hike prices—a move that can be fraught with the anxiety of losing customers. Yet, in a display of collective wisdom and optimism, the group identified viable pathways to surmount these obstacles. Diversifying business models, exploring new financing avenues for projects poised for growth, and tapping into the wealth of available support mechanisms emerged as key strategies.

“I learned more details about local authority support, I already knew most which was on offer but it was good to see it presented with more clarity.”

This workshop not only highlighted the pressing need for resilience in the face of economic adversity but also showcased the power of unity and shared vision in forging a path to prosperity for the West Midlands.

If you would like to learn more about the Business Growth West Midlands in Dudley Programme call 0345 646 1352, or enquire online here and be connected with a local business adviser. Operating outside of Dudley? Enquire here.