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Dudley businesses flock to boost skills at profitability workshops

Published: 10 April 2024

Business Growth West Midlands in Dudley were thrilled to recently host two incredibly inspiring workshop sessions in the Dudley Borough. 

There was a great turnout at both sessions which were attended by various local Dudley businesses wanting to enhance their negotiation skills and boost profitability.

Guided by Andrew Bailey, a seasoned Pricing Negotiation Specialist, each of the two sessions were brimming with actionable tips and strategies. Aimed at empowering businesses, Andrew shared his expert insights on mastering price negotiation and the nuanced art of setting prices for success.

The morning workshop, ‘Negotiate with Confidence & Strength’ diving deep into the core principles of negotiation. It unravelled valuable techniques, teaching businesses how to negotiate with assurance and fortitude. This session aimed to empower companies to secure more favourable deals, safeguard their margins, and navigate the complexities of negotiation with ease.

Meanwhile, the afternoon session ‘Be confident to charge what you are truly worth’ explored the essentials of effective pricing. It also looked into different pricing strategies and equipped participants with the skills to confidently communicate their value to customers.

Speakers and Advisers at Dudley's recent workshop

What business leaders said:

"Learning that value is more important than price." - A powerful reminder of the significance of value proposition in pricing strategies.

 "I really enjoyed it! Very informative." - We're delighted to hear that our workshop left a positive impression and provided valuable knowledge.

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