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Engineering firm achieves positive cultural shift with free employee wellbeing support

Published: 08 July 2024

A company's culture and the wellbeing of its staff are vital for staff retention, as well as being important for productivity. Learn how the free Thrive at Work programme enabled this West Midlands business to make positive improvements for the benefit of their staff and the future growth of the company.

About the business

Forkers Ltd is a family-operated business based in West Bromwich, specializing in civil and ground engineering, currently employing 205 staff. The company always prided itself on delivering high-quality projects. Their commitment to structure, framework, and quality naturally led them to the Thrive at Work programme, aligning perfectly with their organizational values.

The employees at Forkers Ltd express strong trust in management and a sense of job security. The company fosters a family-like atmosphere, offering flexible work arrangements to accommodate employees' needs whenever possible.

Wellbeing initiatives

Forkers Ltd has integrated various initiatives into their wellbeing program, including:

  • Mental Health First Aiders: A network of trained staff available to support colleagues.
  • Toolbox Talks: Regular discussions to address wellbeing and safety.
  • Absence Reporting: Improved methods for reporting absences and conducting return-to-work interviews.
  • Active Travel Plan: Promotion of a cycle-to-work scheme and adjustments to working hours to support work-life balance.
  • Policy Reviews: Comprehensive updates to policies and procedures, ensuring they are accessible to all employees, even those without company computers via People HR on personal devices.

These efforts have empowered staff to communicate openly with their managers and feel more supported in terms of health and wellbeing. A reward scheme offering £25 vouchers has been implemented to recognize and boost staff morale. Additionally, water stations and bottles are now available at all sites, alongside a clear smoking and alcohol policy and confidential support services.

Leadership and commitment

“The mental health & wellbeing of our employees has always been important,” said Roisin Robotham, HR Administrator. “We set up a mental health committee comprising directors, senior managers, and supervisors. These meetings help us plan our mental health and wellbeing strategies. Thrive at Work gave us the structure we needed. Our action plan is now embedded in the business and provides a solid foundation for achieving Bronze Level.”

Cultural shift

Forkers Ltd has embraced the phrase "How’s your bucket?" as part of their culture. This approach encourages employees to express their true feelings beyond the standard "I’m fine." For instance, during a video shoot, Leigh's inquiry about a colleague’s "bucket" led to a more honest conversation about their stress levels, illustrating how simple questions can open deeper dialogues about wellbeing.

By adopting these initiatives and fostering open communication, Forkers Ltd has created a supportive and empowering environment for its employees, enhancing overall morale and wellbeing.

Bronze Award date: September 2022

Click here to watch the moving video that explains why Forkers Ltd embarked on this journey, following the loss of a team member.

How can you implement positive change in your business?

Expert support is available to you through the free Thrive at Work programme. You can also contact Business Growth West Midlands to request free support from a Business Adviser. They can work with you on a tailored plan for growing your business sustainably and with the wellbeing of your staff at its heart.