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What is a Business Adviser? (And why should you work with one?)

Published: 02 May 2024

BGWM Business Advisers group photo

Unlock Your Business's Potential with the support of a Business Adviser

(Pictured: Business Growth West Midlands Advisers from across the region at one of their monthly information and best practice sharing sessions.)

Request free support from a Business Adviser

It can feel lonely at the top when you're running a business

When you’re busy running a business, finding the free support and funding you’re eligible for can be challenging. With hundreds of programmes and funds out there, it takes a lot of research to find the right opportunities that will help you overcome your unique barriers to growth. This is where Business Growth West Midlands can make a significant difference. 

Our Business Advisers have comprehensive knowledge of the West Midlands business support landscape. They are seasoned professionals who provide expert, tailored guidance and support to businesses of all sizes, helping them thrive and achieve their goals. And it’s all completely free as we are funded by Government.


What Does a Business Adviser Do?

Our Business Advisers leverage their extensive knowledge, networks and expertise to offer you valuable insights, introductions and advice to grow your business. They understand the region’s support landscape and can signpost you to third party programmes, as well as our own opportunities. They can help with:

Access to finance: Impartial advice and signposting to ensure you understand all the funding options available, and make the right choice for your business.

Relationship Building: Foster business growth through introductions to key players in local supply chains and other relevant businesses

Grants: Support with identifying suitable grants and tips on putting together an application.

Sustainability and Net Zero: Signposting to expert advice and funding to reduce carbon emissions and implement sustainable practices that your customers want to see.

As well as mentoring, export, sales, marketing, recruitment, skills, cyber security, intellectual property… Whatever your business needs.

Sandra Cunningham, Business Adviser

“The tailored advice I have received has made me think about the right things for my business at the right time. This has ensured I’ve asked myself the right questions that have led me to take the next steps with confidence in my business’s growth journey.” Kay Forbes, Founder of Adored Pets Cuisine

“Sandra’s energy and enthusiasm is amazing – she was our champion right from the start" Holly Vaughan, co-founder of The Recruitment Duo

Request free support from a Business Adviser

Why Work with a Business Adviser?

  1. Expertise: Business advisers possess in-depth knowledge of the business support landscape, offering tailored advice that addresses your specific needs.
  2. Mentoring: Their support will empower you to make the right decisions for your business, and they will be the ongoing sounding board you need as your business grows.
  3. Strategic Insights: Our advisers aren’t just about quick fixes. They will help you see the long game, so you can navigate complex business challenges and capitalise on new opportunities for future growth.
  4. Objective Perspective: An impartial adviser can offer an unbiased perspective, helping you make informed decisions that drive growth.

If you're looking to enhance your business's performance, consider taking advantage of the free support offered by our team of Business Advisers. Whether you're a start-up aiming to enter new markets or an established company seeking to optimize operations, a business adviser can provide the expertise and guidance you need.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock your business's full potential. Contact us today and start your growth journey.