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Success Story - Adored Pets Cuisine

Published: 11 January 2024

Dog eating cupcakes

“Business owners need advice from experts when they’re out of their comfort zones or when they find their skill set doesn’t match what's needed to make their business grow. That’s why support from Business Advisers is so important, and the specialists they connect you with. This support truly enables businesses to access the knowledge needed to grow”.

- Kay Forbes, Founder of Adored Pets Cuisine

Fine dining for pets

Celebration cakes and meal boxes for the special dog or cat in your life, which look great and are made from high quality ingredients, are provided courtesy of Adored Pets Cuisine Limited. It's not your average pet food. The cakes are made of meat and it’s all human grade food of the highest standard.

The concept of the company started when Kay Forbes, Founder of Adored Pets Cuisine Limited, couldn’t begin to conceive that her beautiful chihuahua, Mickey, wouldn't live much longer. His weight was reducing, and he was slowly refusing his food. Having always celebrated his milestones, and with his birthday approaching, Kay came upon the idea of making a celebration cake made of Mickey’s favourite foods.

It was because Mickey enjoyed his celebration cake so much that Kay decided to form a business. Now hundreds of her clients’ pets are enjoying cakes based around their favourite things to eat, which are bespoke, handmade and high quality. 

A tasty way to grow a start-up business

Starting up a business takes preparation and planning. Kay spent two years researching her business idea, trialling her products, and determining the target market. Her brother, also a business owner, suggested she access the free, Government funded business support that’s available in the West Midlands to enable her to grow the business. 

Kay connected with Business Growth West Midlands’ Business Advisers who have supported her directly. They have also referred her to other business specialists who are working with her to access funding for new premises as catering requirements grow, new product development and packaging, intellectual property (IP), and compliance requirements for her products. 

Having already got a registered trademark and registered designs for her products in the UK, Kay asked for support with IP to protect her trademark and designs in Europe, in anticipation of selling into new markets in the coming years. 

Kay said, “the tailored advice I have received has made me think about the right things for my business at the right time. This has ensured I’ve asked myself the right questions that have led me to take the next steps with confidence in my business’s growth journey.”

Kay is continuing to receive support and aims to start recruiting her first team members this year. 

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