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Success Story: Wolverhampton pub secures grant funding for money-saving and carbon-reducing improvements

Published: 15 May 2024

Spring Hill Pub and Restaurant

The Spring Hill (part of Ludlow Taverns Ltd), occupying a 1930s timber clad building in Wolverhampton, began trading in 2005. It serves hot and chilled drinks, and its restaurant serves fresh seasonal food sourced from local suppliers. As a pivotal establishment for the local community, they provide affordable, high-quality dining experiences in a welcoming setting. 

Read on to find out how grant funding is set to save the business over £14k over the coming year.

Chris Ludlow, owner of Ludlow Taverns, commented, “The business was doing well but I was aware that that the boiler was at an age where it was becoming less efficient resulting in significant energy costs. The opportunity then arose to get a free and comprehensive energy assessment via the Business Growth West Midlands (BGWM) Decarbonisation Net Zero Programme. The Assessment was carried out very professionally by Pro Enviro, and they agreed that the review would focus on the potential energy and carbon savings associated with upgrading the boiler as well as installing a solar PV system, and free cooling for the stock stored in the cellar”.

Once the Energy Assessment was complete Chris worked with one of our specialist Business Advisers to complete a UKSPF Grant Application. The application focused on the purchase and installation of solar panels as they could not just significantly enhance resource efficiency by reducing energy costs, but provide a renewable energy source, promote energy independence, and align with the company’s environmental stewardship goals.

Securing this grant enabled the business to invest in solar panels, leading to a significant reduction in monthly overheads and fixed costs, ultimately boosting profitability and the company's competitiveness. The projected first-year savings from onsite energy generation are estimated to be over £14k. The calculated payback period is just 2.6 years. In total Ludlow Taverns invested £24,000 in the solar panels and secured a 50% grant towards the cost. 

Chris added, “this investment demonstrates the company's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, signaling a strong dedication to customers, staff, and stakeholders. Additionally, the cost savings could be reinvested to enhance the skills of current staff, securing their positions within the company”.

Energy assessments and associated grants are still available to businesses – of any size or industry – across the West Midlands. Register for a free energy assessment today. Another way you can signal your commitment to carbon reduction, and receive practical support to achieve it, is to sign the Net Zero Pledge. Or contact us for tailored advice on how to grow your business sustainably.