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Why the West Midlands is a good place to be in business

Published: 01 November 2023

CAB Studios believes businesses in the West Midlands are in good hands

The West Midlands is the crucial heart stone of business in the UK. Businesses in the region are well placed to access experts within our geographical boundaries.

For CAB Studios, it's the Midlands against the world, and they're excited for the new Business Growth West Midlands (BGWM) service to enable the business community to come together, to grow businesses, including their own, and the local economy. By sharing business knowledge, connecting businesses with people and programmes, CAB Studios believes the West Midlands and its businesses are in good hands with BGWM.

Why is CAB Studios, a global business, firmly rooted in the West Midlands?

Al Allaway, Partner at CAB Studios says, "simply put CAB Studios is based in the West Midlands because the region has the most natural talent pool in the UK. Having run agencies in London, Manchester, and Glasgow, I know the region offers the most diverse, committed and business minded cohort. They challenge things in a different way; they solve problems with heart - it is testament to their retention rate for clients and people that they are in it for a lot more than the fame and a fast buck. The people in the region work harder and smarter and maybe that's because they feel they have more to prove."

CAB Studios knows that being based in the West Midlands offers them skilled and driven talent, and business support opportunities that have helped to make it a robust and successful business. They are encouraging other businesses in the area to reach their potential by reaching out, connecting and accessing the business support offered by Business Growth West Midlands. The more advice and support business leaders access, the greater the opportunities there are for their businesses to grow.

What does CAB Studios do? 

The group invests, incubates, and develops niche agency models and marketing technology within a thriving community that attracts world class talent. They have achieved this over the last two decades through a unique partnership programme that gives the potential for every willing employee to be coached and trained to build and take equity in their own business model with an exit route for employee ownership. To date, they have delivered nine independent high performing businesses adding significant value to the Midlands in employment, innovation, business growth and gross value. 

Get the business support your business deserves

CAB Studios understands the value of business support, advice and networks, and encourage other businesses in the region to access the free business support Business Growth West Midlands provides.

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